The fish finder: an essential piece of fisihing gear for any kind of fisher

Fishing is one of the most calming sports and hobbies you can take part in. It is no secret for anyone that fishing can get quite expensive, but most of the equipment is a one-time investment or easily upgradeable over time. Among the many pieces of gear you need for fishing, you can find you need a fishing rod, line, hook, sinker, lure, and bait. Of course, the biggest expense will be getting a boat or a kayak in case you want to practice fishing in deep water. Regardless of the type of fishing you want to practice, one other essential equipment you need is a fish finder. You might not have heard of this device, but it is an incredibly helpful tool that can save you a lot of hassle when going out on your next fishing trip.

What is a fish finder?

A fish finder is a device that does exactly what you think it does: it helps you find fish in the water. Using sonar technology, the finder puts out a signal through an arrangement of transducers that you can either drop in the water or install on the hull of your boat depending on what kind of finder you get. The signal goes out and bounces back on anything that lives in the bottom of the lake, river, or water body you are choosing to fish. The returning signal is what then travels back to your finder and gets translated into an image where you can see if there are fish at the bottom and where they are. You can check this in your finder thanks to the equipped display that is standard in most modern models.

What types of fish finders are there?

There are tons of different types of fish finders, but we could make an effort to clasify them into two big groups: fish finders for boat fishing and fish finders for shore fishing. The first group has more advanced features and requires a connection to an external battery source, which in turn you need to install on your boat as well. In consequence, these are obviously the more expensive choice most of the time, although you can definitely find one for a reasonable price. Fish finders for shore fishing, on the other hand, are more limited but tend to have built-in batteries and are rechargeable to some extent. This category of fish finders comes in all shapes and sizes, with some models even featuring mobile apps so you can track fish using your phone.

Do I really need a fish finder?

The bottom line is that you could go old school and settle to go on your trip without a fish finder, but if you are actually trying to come back home with some fresh fish, then your best bet is getting one of these devices. The best fish finder for you will depend on the type of fishing you plan on doing, but once you see for yourself what these tools can do, you will wonder how you ever went fishing without one of them among your gear.

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